Performa AND Coach!

Versatile Vocals, Dancer and Coach

I've got the flair, the charisma, the experience and reliability. Locale has always been a source of inspiration for artists of the past; Walton on the Naze has been no different for me. Do you need a performer? For everyday listening to relax and unwind or to keep the crowd on their feet with upbeat classics can be sure you wont regret contact! Get in touch on +447729615897 and let me know what you require.

Hearing from you will be music to my ears

I can comfortably sing and dance across a wide range of styles delivering a range of music-and movement for both studio or live settings. No matter the occasion, I have the talent to wow your crowd and leave a lasting impression. With a friendly and confident character I can be a great bonus to you and your project.

In a nut-shell

With a wealth of knowledge on different styles and genres of music there is no doubt I can adapt to your requirements! As a coach I can tailor my teaching skills to give you all the confidence you need to sing for pleasure exams, auditions and more!


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All services
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What I Do